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Andhra Deluxe Poster (WT)

The product is optimized for a wide range of wrapping and packing solutions.

Its superior bulk and strength properties offer an effective and protective barrier to keep products safe and secure, while its high print quality offer an unmatched aesthetic appeal.

Andhra Deluxe Poster (WT)
  • Machine glazed paper in white shade
  • Manufactured with superior bulk and high strength properties
  • Excellent print quality
  • Manufactured with ECF pulp
  • Available in reel and sheet

Standard Grammages: 28, 34, 38, 40, 45

Machine Deckle: 175 - 185 cm (*Deckle to be matched)

Key Quality Parameters Unit Specifications
Basis Weight GSM 28 - 45 ±2.5%
Bulk cc/g 1.55 Min.
Brightness % ISO 85 Min.
Breaking Length, Min. - MD/CD meters 4000 / 3000
Cobb (60 sec) - TS/WS gsm 25 Max.
  • Garment Wrapping
  • Other Specialized Packing Solutions
  • Beedi Label Printing

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