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Andhra Hi-Brite Blade Wrapper

Blade Wrapper paper is designed to perform in blade packing applications that involve multi-step converting processes.

Its low abrasion property, superior lay-flat characteristics and consistent quality has proven to deliver exceptional converting performance, while its excellent smooth finish ensures high print quality.

Andhra Hi-Brite Blade Wrapper
  • High brightness paper with low abrasion & excellent caliper control
  • Trouble free runnability on automated printing & packing converting lines
  • Good color reproduction on multi-color printing machines
  • Superior lay-flat characteristics
  • Manufactured with ECF pulp
  • Available in sheets

Standard Grammages:70

Machine Deckle: 310 - 313 cm (*Deckle to be matched)

Key Quality Parameters Unit Specifications
Basis Weight GSM 70 ± 2.5%
Bulk cc/g 1.10 Min.
Brightness % ISO 91 Min.
Opacity % 90 Min.
Bendtsen Smoothness, TS ml/min 40 - 70
Bendtsen Smoothness, WS ml/min 70 - 100
Breaking Length, Min. - MD/CD meters 4000 / 2200
Cobb (60 sec) - TS/WS gsm 28 Max.
  • Blade Wrapper (Outer Cover)

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