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Andhra Poster Paper (PP) WT

Picture Poster (PP) is designed for performing in high volume poster printing jobs and multi-step converting processes.

The product offers superior lay-flat properties, uniform lamination and excellent smooth finish that ensure high print fidelity. Its consistent and superior performance makes it an ideal choice for all forms of picture posters.

Andhra Poster Paper (PP) WT
  • Machine glazed paper in white shade
  • Manufactured with uniform smoothness
  • Excellent dimensional stability and lay flat sheets
  • Gives outstanding color print quality
  • Manufactured with ECF pulp
  • Available in sheets

Standard Grammages: 100

Machine Deckle: 312 - 314 cm (*Deckle to be matched)

Key Quality Parameters Unit Specifications
Basis Weight GSM 100 ± 2.5%
Bulk cc/g 1.30 Min.
Brightness % ISO 86 Min.
Bendtsen Smoothness - Glaze side ml/min 100 - 150
Breaking Length, Min. - MD/CD meters 4000 / 2500
Cobb (60 sec) - TS/WS gsm 25 Max.
  • Picture Posters (religious, scenery etc.)

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