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Andhra Stiffener (ARSR-NS)

Stiffener paper is exclusively designed to perform in converting applications that go for soaps packing.

This economical grade is engineered optimizing key properties viz. ARSR (Alkali Resistant and Soap Resistant) specification and optimum smoothness for superior converting performance, making it the best fit for this application and customer’s well preferred choice.

Andhra Stiffener (ARSR-NS)
  • Stiffener is a perfect match for the alkali resistant properties of soap wrappers
  • Machine finished paper in natural shade
  • Meet ARSR specifications
  • Consistent on cross profile for smooth performance on conversion
  • Customized product for soap wrapper application
  • Manufactured with ECF pulp
  • Available in reel and sheet

Standard Grammages: 115, 120, 130, 140, 170, 175, 180

Machine Deckle: 312 - 314 cm (*Deckle to be matched)

Key Quality Parameters Unit Specifications
Basis Weight GSM 115 - 180 ± 2.5%
Bulk cc/g 1.50 Min.
Brightness % ISO 82 Min.
Alkaline Staining Number - 2.0 Max.
Bendtsen Smoothness - TS/WS ml/min 600 - 1200
Breaking Length, Min. - MD/CD meters 3500 / 2500
Cobb (60 sec) - TS/WS gsm 25 Max.
  • Soap Wrapper (Interleaving Layer)

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